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The EvoMotion E-3000-RX Electric Scooter

Are you bored of turning up the air conditioning in your poky car in the height of summer?

There is nothing better than feeling the breeze whipping past you on a moped, the ultimate feeling of freedom as you’re getting to your destination.

It’s far from the fuel-draining, oily mess you have probably been donning as your first car.

The EvoMotion E-3000-RX is a groundbreaking advance into the future of mopeds, with its clean and electric power that benefits both your bank balance and the environment. Its powerful motor and quirky design will really turn heads on the usual dull commute!

What’s included with the moped?

To start off with, you obviously get the electric moped itself. However, it comes with a couple of extras to give you the full package and EvoMotion experience. Along with the moped, you’ll receive a charger, that can keep it topped up with plenty of juice to get you where you need to go. This means that there’s no more crowded petrol stations, as well as being great for the planet. The moped also comes with an instruction manual in English, so that you can get to know the scooter and all its bells and whistles inside out before hitting the road.

What are the features?

When buying a new zip-around, the most important thing can be the power. Never fear, the E-3000-RX moped has a 3000W hub motor, that is as powerful as a classic 50cc petrol bike. It’ll get you up to some pretty nippy speeds, but for simply going from A to B this motor will definitely not let you down. Also, the top box is pre-fitted, along with there being a storage compartment under the seat, to keep your things when on the move. More importantly when it comes to getting to your destination, this moped is approved for road use, woohoo! Even better, you don’t pay any road tax or congestion charge, so keep those extra pounds safely in your bank account for a rainy day.

What is the performance like?

So far, this moped seems like an absolute winner – and all things considered, you won’t be using this scooter on the motorways, so don’t expect superbike level power from this quirky guy. However, you’ll find for the classic moped journeys it’s ideal, giving you two days of average use or enough juice for a long adventure.

How big and heavy is it?

When you want something to zip through the city with, the last thing you need is for it to be heavy and cumbersome. That’s why the E-3000-RX is incredibly light at only 100kg, so can be transported easily and won’t weigh you down too much.

How fast does it go?

The E-3000-RX can get you top speeds of 45kph, which is ideal for what this moped is designed for (urban areas and towns). This does depend on how heavy the scooter is, the terrain and temperature, but on an average day in England its unlikely to cause any issues. You can keep the moped going for 50km solid without charging, giving you plenty of juice to take it on multiple little trips or one big adventure. The moped itself charges fully within 8-10 hours, so can be easily charged overnight or before a journey.

What are the other specifications?

Aside from all the great stuff we’ve previously mentioned, the E-3000-RX has a few more extras that make it the ideal moped. Firstly, it comes with 12 inch pneumatic tyres, giving you a smooth and safe journey on a variety of different roads and terrain. To keep you even safer, the E-3000-RX comes with front disc and rear drum brakes, that will give you peace of mind when making your journey. Above the tyres and brakes we have a high-tensile, twin-tube steel frame, that stays sturdy and powerful beneath you, encasing water resistant electrics to keep you going in all weathers. Finally, it also comes with a 72V, 20Ah gel battery, to maintain that excellent speed and power wherever you choose to go.

Is there a warranty?

Indeed there is! There’s a twelve month limited warranty to protect you against anything that may go wrong with the bike without any personal responsibility or involvement. In order to get all the ins and outs of this warranty, you’ll get that all from the manufacturer and/or the moped’s supplier.

Buy now for £749.00 (on offer)!

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Yes – but you need to change the controller and uprate the batteries to a higher voltage – which means uprating the DC-DC converter and the charger. I am at 96V and I get about 35-40mph and far better acceleration – still using lead acid batteries.

I am interested in buying the scooter for £749…. but i am in sretford manchester …do you deliver and if so what is your charge please….does it come with a helmet ? Thank you ..john..

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