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Electric Scooter Laws in the UK

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I’m always getting asked about the electric scooter laws UK. So here is everything I know about them, Please be aware I’m by no means an expert on the electric scooter laws here so this is my little disclaimer. This is just what I’ve found out so far.

Electric scooter laws in the UK

Because electric scooters are powered by a motor (an electrical one), they’re classed by the Department of Transport as mechanically propelled vehicles, and therefore as motor vehicles.

Motor vehicles with less than four wheels, and less than 410kg are then classed as motorcycles. This is defined in Section 185 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. Due to their low speed they then end up in the subcategory of moped.

So officially in UK electric scooter laws, your scooter is classed as a moped.

What does that mean for commuters?

In order for an electric scooter to be legal for road use in the UK, they must comply with construction regulations and they must be officially registered.

Before you buy any electric scooter intended for road use, ensure the seller will provide you with a valid certificate of conformity.

The only electric scooter supplier I’m aware of that supplies road legal electric scooters is Evo Scooters (click here). Evo give you a certificate that you then need to use to register your scooter to use on the roads.

You’ve got your certificate, how do you then register it?

To register your electric scooter to ride it on the roads you then need to visit:

And order yourself a V55/5 form (I know it’s a lot of hoops but worth it!)

Scroll down to “making an application”, then click on “DVLA’s form ordering service”. Then click “start now”.

Fill in your details and select the V55/5 form.

You then send in your form along with a cheque for £55 to the DVLA to register your electric scooter.

Currently you don’t pay road tax for an electric scooter.

Can you ride an electric scooter on the pavement in the UK?

Under section 72 of the Highway Act 1835 it’s classed as an offence to ride a vehicle on the pavement.

What about a driving license?

So you’ve got your road legal electric scooter, you know how to register it. But are you even allowed to ride on the roads in the first place? If you’ve not passed your driving test, you do have to be road safe and that means doing some compulsory basic training (or CBT).

If you don’t take your full motorcycle test, you have to repeat your CBT every 2 years.

Prices for a CBT course varies depending on where you live in the UK but the average price seems to be between £100-£120.

In the CBT training you’ll have an eye test, learn some basic road theory and do some practical on road training as well.

Do you need insurance to ride an electric scooter in the UK?

You will need adequate motor insurance according to the government website. As we discussed at the start of this article, electric scooters are classed as mopeds, and you do need ‘adequte motor insurance’ to ride a moped in the UK. Please ensure you do take out some sort of moped insurance when you ride on the UK roads.


I hope this short guide to electric scooter laws in the UK has helped you decide whether a road legal electric scooter is the right decision for you.

Once you’re registered with the DVLA, got your insurance and you’ve done your basic road training, you’ve got a lot of freedom to commute on your electric scooter so it is worth the bit of hassle getting set up in my opinion.

Visit Evo Scooters for a road legal electric scooter that supplies a compliance certificate.

If you know of anywhere else in the UK that sells road legal scooters, please do get in touch and let me know.

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