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The EvoMotion E-3000-RX Electric Scooter

Are you bored of turning up the air conditioning in your poky car in the height of summer?

There is nothing better than feeling the breeze whipping past you on a moped, the ultimate feeling of freedom as you’re getting to your destination.

It’s far from the fuel-draining, oily mess you have probably been donning as your first car.

The EvoMotion E-3000-RX is a groundbreaking advance into the future of mopeds, with its clean and electric power that benefits both your bank balance and the environment. Its powerful motor and quirky design will really turn heads on the usual dull commute!

What’s included with the moped?

To start off with, you obviously get the electric moped itself. However, it comes with a couple of extras to give you the full package and EvoMotion experience. Along with the moped, you’ll receive a charger, that can keep it topped up with plenty of juice to get you where you need to go. This means that there’s no more crowded petrol stations, as well as being great for the planet. The moped also comes with an instruction manual in English, so that you can get to know the scooter and all its bells and whistles inside out before hitting the road.

What are the features?

When buying a new zip-around, the most important thing can be the power. Never fear, the E-3000-RX moped has a 3000W hub motor, that is as powerful as a classic 50cc petrol bike. It’ll get you up to some pretty nippy speeds, but for simply going from A to B this motor will definitely not let you down. Also, the top box is pre-fitted, along with there being a storage compartment under the seat, to keep your things when on the move. More importantly when it comes to getting to your destination, this moped is approved for road use, woohoo! Even better, you don’t pay any road tax or congestion charge, so keep those extra pounds safely in your bank account for a rainy day.

What is the performance like?

So far, this moped seems like an absolute winner – and all things considered, you won’t be using this scooter on the motorways, so don’t expect superbike level power from this quirky guy. However, you’ll find for the classic moped journeys it’s ideal, giving you two days of average use or enough juice for a long adventure.

How big and heavy is it?

When you want something to zip through the city with, the last thing you need is for it to be heavy and cumbersome. That’s why the E-3000-RX is incredibly light at only 100kg, so can be transported easily and won’t weigh you down too much.

How fast does it go?

The E-3000-RX can get you top speeds of 45kph, which is ideal for what this moped is designed for (urban areas and towns). This does depend on how heavy the scooter is, the terrain and temperature, but on an average day in England its unlikely to cause any issues. You can keep the moped going for 50km solid without charging, giving you plenty of juice to take it on multiple little trips or one big adventure. The moped itself charges fully within 8-10 hours, so can be easily charged overnight or before a journey.

What are the other specifications?

Aside from all the great stuff we’ve previously mentioned, the E-3000-RX has a few more extras that make it the ideal moped. Firstly, it comes with 12 inch pneumatic tyres, giving you a smooth and safe journey on a variety of different roads and terrain. To keep you even safer, the E-3000-RX comes with front disc and rear drum brakes, that will give you peace of mind when making your journey. Above the tyres and brakes we have a high-tensile, twin-tube steel frame, that stays sturdy and powerful beneath you, encasing water resistant electrics to keep you going in all weathers. Finally, it also comes with a 72V, 20Ah gel battery, to maintain that excellent speed and power wherever you choose to go.

Is there a warranty?

Indeed there is! There’s a twelve month limited warranty to protect you against anything that may go wrong with the bike without any personal responsibility or involvement. In order to get all the ins and outs of this warranty, you’ll get that all from the manufacturer and/or the moped’s supplier.

Buy now for £749.00 (on offer)!

EVO Electric Scooters for Adults Road Legal Electric Scooters

EvoKing Electric Scooter Review

evoking electric scooter

Evo Scooters have recently brought out a new range of scooters called the EvoKing. King of the electric scooters?

So what’s new with the EvoKing electric scooter?

Well the design is improved, including the suspension and tyres, and new free wheel hub, plus there’s other new features which we’ll look at later, and overall improved performance.

We’re looking at the 1000W motor in this review.

What’s included when you receive your EvoKing?

The box contains everything you need to get started with your road legal electric scooter. The electric scooter itself. A charger. A tool kit. And an instruction manual.

How easy is it to assemble?

Unfortunately there is SOME assembly required but it’s not difficult. Most people should be fine. You need to add the handle bars, the seat stem and seat, and front light.

(The manual does note that when the electric scooter was made, the handle bars were fitted and then removed for shipping, so you can end up with some marks in this area but they’re covered up by the handlebar bracket when you refit them and the marks then don’t show, so it’s not a big issue).

You then need to install the fuse.

Following this, or whilst you’re assembling, charge up the battery and finally check the tyre pressures are okay.

It’s all detailed in the manual and if you get stuck at all you can always call Evo.

What are the features?

A quick rundown of the features include:

High tensile steel frame
Twist throttle
Easy quick folding
Rear view mirrors
Adjustable height, three point seat-post and large black seat
Visual digital display
A removable seat
A wooden deck
A speedometer
LED lighting
Front and rear enclosed type shock absorbers
Front and rear disc brakes
Brake and suspension parts in eye-catching gold colour
12” pneumatic tyres with car valves
12” alloy wheels
The suspension has been upgraded.
Extra large 30cm diameter tyres.
New free-wheel hub – giving lots of extra power saving.

How is it charged up?

Being electric, it plugs in. Charging time is 4-6 hours so do ensure you allow yourself plenty of time for a full charge before you’re planning on going on any longer trips.

A full charge will take you 25km or 15.5 miles.

This is really not bad is it?!

How fast does it go?

The top speed is 45kph or 28 miles per hour. This is faster on smoother roads, and slower on more bumpy surfaces.

Can you drive it in the dark?

Yes, it has LED lights. I do recommend you wear appropriate clothing so you can be seen at night despite the lights.

What weight must you be to ride it?

It’s really not a child’s electric scooter, so please don’t let your children on it unless they older and very responsible in a safe place.

The maximum weight is 120kg, or 19 stone. The EvoKing measures approximately 130 x 60 x 104cm.

How can it be stored?

Because you can fold the EvoKing it makes storing it really convenient and it only takes a few seconds to fold. I love how it even fits in a car boot so you can take it anywhere and scoot everywhere!

Of course it is quite heavy so you do need to have a decent amount of strength to be lifting it into car boots (or up and down stairs).

What do I need to do to drive it on the public roads?

I wrote a full post on exactly what you need to do to ride this electric scooter on the road. Read UK electric scooter laws.

In a nutshell, you need the certificate of conformity that Evo will provide you with when you purchase your electric scooter. You then need to register it with the DVLA for £55. There is no road tax but you will need moped insurance. Electric scooters are currently classed as mopeds. This could all change one day. You’re also supposed to complete a short road safety test.

It might seem like a lot of hoops and put some people off but it’s not that bad and means you’re set for riding your electric scooter anywhere on any road then.

Safety advice!

As mentioned, this electric scooter is only for adults and very dangerous for children.
Make sure you carefully check all nuts and bolts, and tyre pressures and steering before riding too.
Safety wear and helmets should always be worn.
You should have some knowledge and understanding of mechanics or know somebody who can carry out any repairs.


The EvoKing is a great powerful, folding, road legal electric scooter and has some quality upgrades from the original Evo folding electric scooters.

They are a big investment of course, but for the right person electric scooters are so convenient not only for travel and commuting but they’re damn good fun to ride on!!

Where can I get one?

Buy from Evo Scooters for £599.00. (Stock levels are running low).

About Electric Scooters Road Legal Electric Scooters

Electric Scooter Laws in the UK

electric scooters road legal

I’m always getting asked about the electric scooter laws UK. So here is everything I know about them, Please be aware I’m by no means an expert on the electric scooter laws here so this is my little disclaimer. This is just what I’ve found out so far.

Electric scooter laws in the UK

Because electric scooters are powered by a motor (an electrical one), they’re classed by the Department of Transport as mechanically propelled vehicles, and therefore as motor vehicles.

Motor vehicles with less than four wheels, and less than 410kg are then classed as motorcycles. This is defined in Section 185 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. Due to their low speed they then end up in the subcategory of moped.

So officially in UK electric scooter laws, your scooter is classed as a moped.

What does that mean for commuters?

In order for an electric scooter to be legal for road use in the UK, they must comply with construction regulations and they must be officially registered.

Before you buy any electric scooter intended for road use, ensure the seller will provide you with a valid certificate of conformity.

The only electric scooter supplier I’m aware of that supplies road legal electric scooters is Evo Scooters (click here). Evo give you a certificate that you then need to use to register your scooter to use on the roads.

You’ve got your certificate, how do you then register it?

To register your electric scooter to ride it on the roads you then need to visit:

And order yourself a V55/5 form (I know it’s a lot of hoops but worth it!)

Scroll down to “making an application”, then click on “DVLA’s form ordering service”. Then click “start now”.

Fill in your details and select the V55/5 form.

You then send in your form along with a cheque for £55 to the DVLA to register your electric scooter.

Currently you don’t pay road tax for an electric scooter.

Can you ride an electric scooter on the pavement in the UK?

Under section 72 of the Highway Act 1835 it’s classed as an offence to ride a vehicle on the pavement.

What about a driving license?

So you’ve got your road legal electric scooter, you know how to register it. But are you even allowed to ride on the roads in the first place? If you’ve not passed your driving test, you do have to be road safe and that means doing some compulsory basic training (or CBT).

If you don’t take your full motorcycle test, you have to repeat your CBT every 2 years.

Prices for a CBT course varies depending on where you live in the UK but the average price seems to be between £100-£120.

In the CBT training you’ll have an eye test, learn some basic road theory and do some practical on road training as well.

Do you need insurance to ride an electric scooter in the UK?

You will need adequate motor insurance according to the government website. As we discussed at the start of this article, electric scooters are classed as mopeds, and you do need ‘adequte motor insurance’ to ride a moped in the UK. Please ensure you do take out some sort of moped insurance when you ride on the UK roads.


I hope this short guide to electric scooter laws in the UK has helped you decide whether a road legal electric scooter is the right decision for you.

Once you’re registered with the DVLA, got your insurance and you’ve done your basic road training, you’ve got a lot of freedom to commute on your electric scooter so it is worth the bit of hassle getting set up in my opinion.

Visit Evo Scooters for a road legal electric scooter that supplies a compliance certificate.

If you know of anywhere else in the UK that sells road legal scooters, please do get in touch and let me know.

My road legal scooter reviews:

Road legal Evo 1000W Electric Scooter

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EVO Electric Scooters for Adults Road Legal Electric Scooters

Why a Road Legal Electric Scooter is Ideal for Commuters

Many of my readers are most interested in using their electric scooters for commuting to work on. Here’s a round up of some of the reasons that this is a great idea, along with a few of the downsides to doing this.

The scooter I have in mind as I write this is the 1000W 48V by EVO (C9316 model). The reason for this is this scooter is a road legal version they’ve recently brought out. It has many excellent features that make it the ideal electric scooter for commuters.

Upfront investment

Although there is an initial upfront investment cost to an electric scooter which kinda sucks, over the long term, your scooter more than pays for itself.

If in the past you’ve owned and driven a car, the savings are massive. Firstly there is no petrol, no insurance and no road tax needed. You do need to pay around £55.00 to register your scooter with the DVLA initally so that you can use it on the roads and street.

Within a few weeks, most people who have switched from a car for commuting to an electric scooter have found the scooter has already paid for itself in money saved.


Of course an electric scooter uses electric for its power, and inevitably needs charging. How often you will need to charge it depends on how far you travel on it, the terrain (smooth/bumpy roads) and your own weight.

The 1000W EVO road legal scooter can travel for up to 25km (that’s 16 miles) before it needs recharging. Not sure how far you’d be travelling at a time? Get onto Google Maps, and get the directions from your home to your work and it will tell you the number of miles between destinations.

Travelling with your charger is always a good idea in case you need to charge the scooter up whilst at work.

There are lots of people who use their scooters to get to the train on, when they will then get on, fold it, then unfold it and get off the train.


I love that you can ride a road legal electric scooter anywhere these days (as far as you can go within charge distance anyway), and not have to bother with all the expenses and ties that go with cars and motor bikes.


The C9316 EVO 1000W folds up really easily, saving a lot of room when it’s not in use. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, electric scooters are heavy so although it does fold up nicely, lifting it is not a good idea. You will need somewhere on the ground floor to store it. Unless you fancy carrying 48kg up and down a flight of stairs every day. I certainly wouldn’t be up for this!


With an adjustable seat that is also nice to sit on, and a board for your feet, it’s a comfortable, smooth machine to sit on as you commute to work and back. Although there are front and back LED lights so people can see you in the dark, I would still advise you to wear safety gear, a helmet and bright clothing to stand out.

How to register your electric scooter so it’s road legal

Please bear in mind that not all electric scooters are road legal. The 1000W 48V C9316 model by EVO is because of its added features like lights, mirrors and safety features.

You first need a certificate of conformity which you receive when you buy your scooter. You then need to fill in a V55/5 form and submit it along with the certificate and your £55.00 registration fee and you should receive a new registration certificate within six weeks (usually earlier).

Read more about the road legal model and get your own here.

Any other questions about commuting on your electric scooter? Leave a comment or share your experiences!

EVO Electric Scooters for Adults Road Legal Electric Scooters

Road Legal 1000W EVO Electric Scooter

I’m always getting asked, Steve, are electric scooters road legal?

Well I can now tell you that EVO have brought out a new road legal 12 inch 48v big wheel electric scooter.

This is excellent news for all of us electric scooter fans!

There are a few bits of house keeping you will need to do before you can ride this scooter on the main roads though. All of the registration details can be found at the official EVO UK site here.

EVO will also supply you with the required certificate of conformity included with your purchase.

So without further ado, let’s get onto the good stuff and talk a bit more about this scooter and why it’s ideal for commuters and other scooter enthusiasts.

What’s included?

  • Certificate of conformity for DVLA road registration
  • Electric scooter itself
  • Complete Tool kit
  • Electric Charger
  • Instruction manual
  • Optional EVO branded stickers to apply

How easy is assembly?

There is a little bit of assembly involved when you buy this scooter so bear this in mind when you order. Everything you need to know is covered in the manual. In a nut shell you need to assemble the handle bars, seat and light. The battery will likely need charging and the tires may need pumping.

Features of this 48V road legal electric scooter

There a range of features here to consider so I’m going to write these as a list and then go through some of these in a bit more detail.

  • Brakes – front and rear disc
  • Foldable for storage
  • Adjustable front suspension
  • 12″ pneumatic tires
  • Dual rear shock absorbers
  • Full swing arm with 3″ travel
  • Adjustable seat
  • Front and back LED lights
  • Twist throttle
  • Stand

What about charging?

Charging takes between six to eight hours. This scooter can travel for up to 25km per full charge, depending on the terrain. So basically if you’re travelling over a lot of bumps or up hill, it is going to use more power compared to travelling flat or down hill. This could be something to consider if you have a long journey, especially one that is mostly uphill.

You can always travel with your charger, and plug it in and power it up before a return journey.

What about comfort?

The seat on this electric scooter is high adjustable which gives a wide range of comfort levels for different heights.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone under 16 ride this scooter, but for smaller adults and those that are tall, you can adjust it to your ideal level. The seat is also removable and nice and comfortable. The front suspension is also adjustable.

How fast does it go?

This question is also something I get asked a lot. What’s the fastest electric scooter. It’s all about speed, and at 1000W, this is the fastest. It goes up to 43 kilometres per hour, that’s 27 miles per hour.

It might not sound fast, but for an electric scooter, that is a very quick speed! The 500W and 800W electric scooters don’t go as fast as this. The speed does also depend on the load and terrain, so the heavier you are, the more you’re going to slow it down. Likewise it will go faster over smoother surfaces than bumpy ones, much like any other machine.

Can you drive it in the dark?

Yep, the front and back LED lights allow night time riding so other road users and passersby can see you coming. For added safety, it would be a good idea to wear bright clothing also to really stand out.

What weight must you be to ride?

This 1000W 48V scooter can hold a person up to 120kg. In pounds that’s 265 pounds, or 19 stone. So that should accommodate the vast majority of people pretty well.

What about storage?

The fold up feature is extremely useful and saves a lot of space when the scooter is not in use. It folds up really easily. One thing to bear in mind is that it is a pretty heavy machine at 48kg so please do bear this in mind, you want to be able to push the scooter wherever you are storing it rather than be lifting it anywhere like upstairs.

I’d recommend storage in a garage, or anywhere that is downstairs/ground floor.

What are the hazards and safety features?

This is a powerful machine, and it is not intended for kids whatsoever. So please, don’t buy this for your children! It can be dangerous and it is fast. Be responsible. You should always wear a helmet and safety gear before you ride.

When the stand is down, there is a built in safety feature that prevents the scooter from operating. It’s nice to know that the scooter is not going anywhere when the stand is down.

There are also front and rear disc brakes for added safety, dual rear shock absorbers and of course, rear view mirrors to keep an eye on who’s behind.

Why EVO?

The good thing about EVO scooters is how well built they are. They’re a proven, well-known brand. They’re obviously well-made but they also say themselves that their parts are bought from reputable suppliers, and are not made with cheap parts that can be used on more poorer models.

Where to find out more?

You can invest in your own road legal electric scooter and find out more about it at the official EVO UK supplier, EVO Scooters. I have found dealing with these guys to be very pleasant.

You can email them direct with any questions for a personal reply, and also call them up to ask for more advice which is exactly what you want when you’re investing in an electric scooter. Service is everything!

Do you use your electric scooter on the roads? Leave a comment and share your experiences.