EVO Electric Scooters for Adults

Evo 1000W Powerboard Electric Scooter

The Evo 1000W Powerboard Electric Scooter is a very powerful scooter for adults with one of the strongest motors on the market today. It feature a high tensile steel frame that is both light and durable and a paint job that will make most adults feel slightly more cool on their scooter.

Best of all, the Evo 1000 watt can accommodate up to 120 kg of weight!

image 1000w electric scooter

What’s in the box?

The 42 Kilo box will arrive at your door containing a ‘some assembly required’ scooter, 3 battery pack and 110V-240V charger. You will have to read the instruction manual to put together the tires, the handlebars and the seat but overall, it is an easy task that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

How it works & product features

With 10” Aluminium mag wheels and oversized tyres, the Evo looks cool right from the start.

The flashy paint job covers a durable steel frame that while heavy, can support a great deal of weight. The motor is battery powered with motor cross style handlebars, chain system and front and rear disc brakes. You can go up to 45 km per hour on this bike which makes it one of the fastest scooters in its range.

Advantages of this electric scooter

The Evo 1000 watt is a very large scooter that is very suitable for larger adults.

It can be used to commute to and from work within a 20 km range and can go at speeds of up to 45 km depending on the terrain and the weight of the driver.

This means that it can be used as a green way to drive to work and can save you on parking for short trips to town.

The large wheels make it easier to go over small bumps in the road while the long life batteries mean that you won’t be stuck somewhere with batteries that won’t recharge.

The steel frame is extremely sturdy and the most you will ever have to worry about is getting a flat or scratching the pristine paint job. With 1000 watts of power, the Evo can also easily handle most hills which is more than most scooters can say.

Disadvantages of this electric scooter

The Evo is extremely heavy. When you have to fold it up and put it away or potentially pick it up and take it up stairs (if you live in a flat without storage) it could be difficult, especially if you have back problems.

What other reviewers say

“i bought these two scooters for Christmas presents because we hired them when on holiday to get around.
they can easily fold down and taken in the car which is great too. and they are built well to with stand a bit of punishment.”

I agree with this reviewer. They are easy to fold and take about in the car.

Two reviewers commented that these scooters can only be used on private land. One saying that even though they’re supposed to be used on private land, they’d still go everywhere on it.

“if you have to use private land for theis scooters I will still go every where on it”

This next reviewer left an unnecessary 1 star review. It’s a real shame because it’s not about the scooter, it’s their own problem and it could put other people off this awesome scooter if they look at the reviews and see 1 star.

“we have a motorhome and was looking for electric bikes on your website and spotted the evo electric scooter it looked ideal small and foldup we could use it when parked on sites in the uk and france to go to the local villages and shops the review said hired two on holiday great fun to get around ideal I thought .I order one from your website it arrived I unboxed it and took it for a short ride around my local streets great I thought andordered a second one ,only after looking at other websites they stated it could only be used on private land which is of no use to me I email direc2u and they replied saying they do a road legal scooter .as I have unboxed it and ridden it it can not be returned I am a pensioner and have now lost £400 with a scooter I can not use”

Why do people leave negative reviews that are not about the product?

This next review doesn’t make a lot of sense and I’d be interested to find out a bit more about the problem. It is very vague. Is it charged properly? Have they done anything about it?

“Got this scooter and it keeps stoping goes good when working proper not that happy with it.would not buy again”

Another good one.

“Seems to be built well,battery lasts well.”

“This scooter is great for shorter trips round town or is ideal for what I brought it for which is to get around the caravan/camp site whist on is a real head turner and conversation starter! The only negative thing I can say about this scooter is that it is quite heavy, but saying that it is very well put together and even has disc brake and good suspension so you don’t feel the bumps, I really recommend this product but its not a toy!”

Bang on! It is heavy I would agree with this but the good points more than make up for it.

“This is the future, when we get rid of cars, “I’m the man” as one guy put it. Absolutely magnificent, every head turns.And I even got it on the bus, with no problem, “That”s a nice bike.” is everyone’s reaction, and I do enjoy everybody smiling at me when I’m using it on the pavement. BUY ONE!”

Haha I love this review. They are the future. Indeed.

“I’m so happy with this purchase! It’s incredibly powerful and hasn’t let me down once after riding it throughout Scotland, England and France. I’ve finally worn out my first set of tyres and took it to the company to replace the tyres with off-road ones (I tend to put this thing though its paces!) which they were happy to do, as I’m only about twenty miles from their warehouse.”

Excellent review also.

My verdict

“Overall the Evo 1000W Powerboard Electric scooter is a top of the range, high quality scooter that almost any adult can use to go anywhere!”

Where to get yours?

You can read more about these, the spec, the delivery and returns HERE.




24 replies on “Evo 1000W Powerboard Electric Scooter”

Hi thanks for the great review. I was just wondering how practical would it be whilst folded on a train. Could i take it up escalator’s at a train station?

Thanks for your comment Eddy. It would be fine folded on a train aswell as escalators. I don’t see you having any problems.

Best wishes

Hi, Could you tell me if the Evo 1000W can climb up steep gradients, or is it more designed toward flat & small gradient hills? Is it likely to burn out with too much workload? Sheffield is a very hilly city, could it cope? Cheers… PS. What is the lifespan?

I can not say how pleased I am with my evo 1000w power board gets me work and back in no time it puts a smile on your face going passed cyclists that are peddling away .All my friends want one I go shop and everywhere on it .It is amazing. And will put the biggest smile on your face . Do not underestimate how fast they are.

That’s great to hear! Thanks for your comment and I’m so pleased you love yours too! Is that why you want to buy more? 🙂

Hi Chris, I’d love to offer you a discount but I don’t sell them I write reviews only. If you click the links in my side bar they will take you to where you can buy.
Best, Steve

Hi Becca, sorry I don’t sell these currently, I just review them. But if you click my side bar links they will take you to where you can buy the scooters. Delivery is around £25 depending on your location. Thanks for your question!


I am 12 years old and I was thinking about getting this scooter. I was wondering is it would be to big or to small? let me know.


Hi Jack, that’s too difficult to answer without you giving me your weight and height.
Best, Steve

Hi Dave, thanks for your comment. Technically you’re not supposed to ride these in public places but use your own discretion, depending on where you are travelling to.
Best, Steve

Hi Flo, you could hang a small bag on the front of the scooter, or a back pack/ruck sack may be more appropriate and out of your way.
Best, Steve

Hi I am interested in buying two of these scooters.
I want to have a basket attached is that possible?
Also what is the most powerful electric scooter you have?
Will you post to Spain if so how much to Alicante region Denia?
Thanks Vanessa

Hi Vanessa, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I don’t currently sell these scooters. I am an electric scooter fanatic and I just write reviews. If you click the banners in my side bar you will get taken to places where you can buy them. Shipping to Spain is definitely available. The most powerful is the 1000W Evo electric scooter.
Best, Steve

Hi Kieron, technically you’re not supposed to ride these on public roads but use your own discretion on this
Best, Steve

Hi Tan, sorry I don’t sell these myself I am just an electric scooter fanatic and reviewer. You do need the seat and you can also get international shipping for these. Have a look here – Amazon will ship this to Singapore. Hope that’s helpful!
Best, Steve

I have one of theses they are brilliant vary quick and a head turner.people always ask me what it is and where did i get it.ive put an alarm on mine.

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