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EvoKing Electric Scooter Review

evoking electric scooter

Evo Scooters have recently brought out a new range of scooters called the EvoKing. King of the electric scooters?

So what’s new with the EvoKing electric scooter?

Well the design is improved, including the suspension and tyres, and new free wheel hub, plus there’s other new features which we’ll look at later, and overall improved performance.

We’re looking at the 1000W motor in this review.

What’s included when you receive your EvoKing?

The box contains everything you need to get started with your road legal electric scooter. The electric scooter itself. A charger. A tool kit. And an instruction manual.

How easy is it to assemble?

Unfortunately there is SOME assembly required but it’s not difficult. Most people should be fine. You need to add the handle bars, the seat stem and seat, and front light.

(The manual does note that when the electric scooter was made, the handle bars were fitted and then removed for shipping, so you can end up with some marks in this area but they’re covered up by the handlebar bracket when you refit them and the marks then don’t show, so it’s not a big issue).

You then need to install the fuse.

Following this, or whilst you’re assembling, charge up the battery and finally check the tyre pressures are okay.

It’s all detailed in the manual and if you get stuck at all you can always call Evo.

What are the features?

A quick rundown of the features include:

High tensile steel frame
Twist throttle
Easy quick folding
Rear view mirrors
Adjustable height, three point seat-post and large black seat
Visual digital display
A removable seat
A wooden deck
A speedometer
LED lighting
Front and rear enclosed type shock absorbers
Front and rear disc brakes
Brake and suspension parts in eye-catching gold colour
12” pneumatic tyres with car valves
12” alloy wheels
The suspension has been upgraded.
Extra large 30cm diameter tyres.
New free-wheel hub – giving lots of extra power saving.

How is it charged up?

Being electric, it plugs in. Charging time is 4-6 hours so do ensure you allow yourself plenty of time for a full charge before you’re planning on going on any longer trips.

A full charge will take you 25km or 15.5 miles.

This is really not bad is it?!

How fast does it go?

The top speed is 45kph or 28 miles per hour. This is faster on smoother roads, and slower on more bumpy surfaces.

Can you drive it in the dark?

Yes, it has LED lights. I do recommend you wear appropriate clothing so you can be seen at night despite the lights.

What weight must you be to ride it?

It’s really not a child’s electric scooter, so please don’t let your children on it unless they older and very responsible in a safe place.

The maximum weight is 120kg, or 19 stone. The EvoKing measures approximately 130 x 60 x 104cm.

How can it be stored?

Because you can fold the EvoKing it makes storing it really convenient and it only takes a few seconds to fold. I love how it even fits in a car boot so you can take it anywhere and scoot everywhere!

Of course it is quite heavy so you do need to have a decent amount of strength to be lifting it into car boots (or up and down stairs).

What do I need to do to drive it on the public roads?

I wrote a full post on exactly what you need to do to ride this electric scooter on the road. Read UK electric scooter laws.

In a nutshell, you need the certificate of conformity that Evo will provide you with when you purchase your electric scooter. You then need to register it with the DVLA for £55. There is no road tax but you will need moped insurance. Electric scooters are currently classed as mopeds. This could all change one day. You’re also supposed to complete a short road safety test.

It might seem like a lot of hoops and put some people off but it’s not that bad and means you’re set for riding your electric scooter anywhere on any road then.

Safety advice!

As mentioned, this electric scooter is only for adults and very dangerous for children.
Make sure you carefully check all nuts and bolts, and tyre pressures and steering before riding too.
Safety wear and helmets should always be worn.
You should have some knowledge and understanding of mechanics or know somebody who can carry out any repairs.


The EvoKing is a great powerful, folding, road legal electric scooter and has some quality upgrades from the original Evo folding electric scooters.

They are a big investment of course, but for the right person electric scooters are so convenient not only for travel and commuting but they’re damn good fun to ride on!!

Where can I get one?

Buy from Evo Scooters for £599.00. (Stock levels are running low).

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