Razor Electric Scooters for Adults

Razor E300 Electric Scooter for Adults

The Razor E300 Electric Scooter is a 14+ electric scooter for adults.

It features a super-sized deck and frame for large feet, a high torque motor that speeds up to 15 mph and weighs 21 kg making it the perfect electric scooter.

What’s In The Box?

Opening the box, you will get one scooter which you must put together. You should expect to install wheels handlebars and so on. The box is also quite heavy so if you don’t work out, you might need a little bit of help with it.

How It Works & Product Features

The Razor E300 Scooter is battery powered and supports up to 40 minutes of continuous use.

The scooter features a 250 watt engine that can reach speeds of 15mph and features direct start grip throttles, hand operated brake for extra control, folding handlebar for easier storage, 25cm Pneumatic Tyres, Retractable kickstand and supports up to 100kg of weight.

Advantages Of This Product

The Razor’s first advantage is that it’s very quiet. You can zip up and down your street at midnight doing speeds of 15mph and not have to worry about waking anyone up.

It’s also quite sturdy. Weighing in at 21 Kilo it’s about the weight of a small child and is quite durable; you probably don’t have to worry about breaking it under normal use.

The rechargeable battery delivers up to 40 minutes of continuous use on flat ground (less with hills taken into consideration) and can go quite fast at 15 mph which is a great deal faster than many other scooters of its calibre.

The speed acceleration and throttle grips are extremely convenient and easy to learn, you can be up and driving around on this one like a pro just a few minutes after reading the owners-manual. The deck is also very large which makes it a perfect scooter for adults.

Disadvantages of this Product

The E300 Razor weighs 21 Kilograms. While the handlebar does fold away so that you can store it more easily, it’s just too big and too well built to be easy to fold away and store in a small space. While it is advertised as being able to go in small places, it’s easier to give it its own space in a garage or etc.

The battery life also only lasts for 40 minutes. You can’t use this one to go to town unless you also have a spare battery or two (for hills).

Unfortunately, you need a screwdriver to change the battery which can make that slightly difficult.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy

The E300 Razor scooter is an all-around good buy and will perform well for pretty much any adults who need an electric scooter.

However; the scooter is much too heavy and a great deal too fast for children and should not be purchased for them. It is intended for adults weighing 60-100 kilo.

The scooter costs £219.00 which is an average price for this type of electric powered scooter. It’s available in a variety of colours.


E-Scooter Electric Scooter for Adults

E-Scooter V6 Electric Scooter for Adults

The Electric E-Scooter V6 is a standing adult scooter with up to 16 mph speeds, a rechargeable battery and a 10-16 kilometre ranger without recharging depending on weight and terrain.

Its lightweight features combine with a powerful motor to allow for fast speeds and a long battery life. You can charge it overnight to have it ready to go in the morning.

What’s In the Box?

Opening the box you will receive a lightweight scooter that you can quickly assemble. It comes with wheels, handles, grips and belts. You can install it in a few minutes if you follow the instructions. You will also find the assembly kit, the instruction manual and a battery power charger to use to charge the scooter as well as a spare fuse.

How It Works & Product Features

After a quick assembly, you should charge your scooter for 8-10 hours. You can do this overnight and just leave it plugged in.

When driving, the electric scooter has a 100 watt motor that takes the lightweight frame up to 16 km per hour depending on the terrain. You can drive 10-16 kilometres, also depending on the terrain. It features acceleration and breaks right on the handles, an adjustable steering column, gradual breaking system and rear wheel drive.

Advantages of this Scooter

This is a very lightweight scooter that you can quickly fold up and put away pretty much anywhere. The durable, scratch and stain resistant black finish and steel body are perfect for keeping the scooter looking like new and the motor is incredibly quiet.

You won’t have to worry about waking anyone up or annoying the neighbours. It’s also very environmentally friendly and cost effective as it can get you to work and back (short route) on one battery charge.

The gradual breaking system also makes this electric scooter perfect for beginners because you won’t have to worry about the breaks throwing you from the scooter. The scooter is easy to handle, features a strong, long lasting battery and can be stored in small spaces.

The scooter is also one of the fastest electric scooters currently available which is really great for the price.

Disadvantages of this scooter

First, the scooter weighs about 1/3rd of what some alternate models weigh.

While it is a great scooter for adults, anyone weighing 90 Kilo or more might want to opt for a slightly sturdier model.

The scooter is powerful, however; the 100 watt motor might not be adequate if you live in an extremely hilly area. You should also remember to take this one out for a few test drives in your driveway as it is very fast for a scooter!

How Much Does It Cost To Buy?

As a lightweight scooter, the Electric E V6 is a good buy that will make teenagers and adults very happy.

Children can also borrow it if they have some experience riding with scooters. The price is £94.80 which is about average for scooters in its range, however; this price might not include any delivery costs to your area.

EVO Electric Scooters for Adults

500 Watt Evo Powerboard Electric Scooters for Adults

The 500 Watt Evo Powerboard Electric Scooter is a cool, high powered adult scooter with a 24km range and a weight support of up to 120 kilos. The scooter weighs approximately 40 kilo and can do speeds of up to 34 kilometres per hour.

This scooter is perfect for an adult or teenager wanting a high power eco-friendly alternative to a motorcycle or automobile.

evo 500 review

What’s included?

The 40 kilo box will contain two 10” oversized tyres, a 110V-240V charger, battery pack, owners-manual in multiple languages, construction kit and multiple nuts and bolts. If you follow the instructions, you should be able to have it put together in a matter of minutes. If not, a few more should do the trick.

How it works & product features

The 500 Watt Evo Powerboard Electric Scooter is loaded with features.

From the high power battery with 250 life cycles, key start, high tensile steel frame for durability to the flashy paint job to the fold away handlebar this scooter is top of the line technology.

You can fold it up and easily store it in a medium sized space, the handlebars feature ergonomic grips that are both comfortable and easy to use and the scooter is just heavy enough to be stable under an adult.

Plus, it holds up to 120 kilos of weight meaning that almost any adult can use it. This scooter is extremely durable and will last forever, the engine is well built and the steel frame can take a beating. The full suspension swing arm gives you even more comfort as you sit on your scooter.

Advantages of this electric scooter

Whether you’re looking for a commute to work or a great way to have fun in your off days, the Evo is definitely a good choice. It’s powerful enough to go up and down hills, heavy enough to be stable and has a battery that will last long enough to get you where you’re going (up to 25 kilometres).

The three 500 watt batteries can be changed out and charging time is 6-10 hours meaning that you can charge it while you work or while you sleep.

The scooter is also versatile and can be used for fun such as scooter races and running hills. The Powerboard is very comfortable and designed for adults and is a great choice for anyone who wants to use it for travel.

reviews of evo 500

Disadvantages of this electric scooter

The 500 Watt Powerboard is quite heavy. It is too powerful and too heavy for anyone younger than 13 to handle. If you want your kids to use it as well, it really isn’t a good choice.

The 500 Watt Powerboard is also quite sturdily built and can take up a lot of space.

Steve’s verdict:

The Evo Powerboard is one of the best and most technologically advanced scooters you can find anywhere today. It receives top reviews and can be used as a transportation alternative.

Get yours here.